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Jason Kent

The Nylero Affiliate Network

The Nylero Affiliate Network hosts unique, select experts from their respective line of professions – any of which can be your next friendly Nylero touchpoint.


Fulfilling the firm’s functions while working to keep an optimal ROI viability factor of our creative screen products in play, calls for a team that goes beyond spanning just the fields of screen production.


Jason Kent brings more than an arsenal-full of his well-versed Australian film industry distribution experience – the independent film producer has deep, first-hand insights around the screen industry’s commercial future.

With extensive experience derived from his pursuit of the Australian film industry’s commercial viability, Jason is an Aussie cinema veteran amongst the Nylero Affiliate network.


Jason created Pure Independent Pictures to enhance the production of profitable Australian Independent (non-government-funded) films.


Independent films are the lifeblood of any cinema – and Jason strives to cull the road-blocks so our nation’s own independent features can stand neck-to-neck with grand-budget foreign and government films.


The Pure Independent mission is to build an exclusive, distribution platform for Australian Independent Films – namely the strategic promotion of quality features.

Industry Expertise

Australian Film Distribution

Nylero is proud to be in an official affiliatory partnership with the name behind ‘What’s Wrong With The Australian Film Industry?’ – and the agency raising awareness around the Australian Film Industry’s commercial decline through government-funded taxpayer misspends.


Since the 1980s Australian films’ total share of the local box office has fallen steadily from over 23% to below 3%. During this time the Australian Government’s involvement in filmmaking has increased.


Today the Government funds most local films, as well as locally produced Hollywood films. Yet in spite of the Government’s growing involvement in filmmaking, and spending hundreds of millions on production, the box office slide has continued unabated—leading to concerns for the future viability of the industry.


The question is; ‘What’s wrong with Australian films? And can Australia ever hope to reverse the slide and build a self-sufficient commercial film industry?’

Jason brings the Pure Independent vision to Nylero – a mutual aim to support and attract the very best of Australian filmmaking talent.


Good filmmaking requires creative freedom. The freedom to raise a voice of dissent, humour, love, rage, or passion, unconstrained by bureaucracy and process.


Pure Independent Pictures and Nylero support independent filmmakers whose voices live or die based on their ability to connect with audiences, to move, challenge, or confront cultural norms – rather than conform to the tastes of government officials.


Many of Australia’s best films were independent productions – films like Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee, The Castle, and Gabriel.


Unfortunately, independent filmmaking has become far too rare – and one yielding blockbuster-calibre – far rarer.

In The Media

Affiliate: Jason Kent

2014 - ABC

New corporate partnership to promote independent Australian films

"Jason Kent is the founder of this new initiative, Pure Independent Pictures, whose mission is to promote Australian independent films and to be a voice for filmmakers."

2014 - Mumbrella

Credit Where it’s Due: Jason Kent – lifting the lid on the Australian movie scene

"In a new regular column Mumbrella recognises the best people and work in the industry. This time it’s Jason Kent for daring to ask tough questions of the Australian film industry."

2012 - Mumbrella

New doco to ask ‘why can’t Australia’s film industry be self-sufficient’

"To make the case for purely independent films we have to practice what we preach and not make a film for a government platform."

2014 - AdNews

Brands back indie film industry to take on Hollywood

"Independent film is market driven, films are made to connect with people, not to attract government funding, which makes them more likely to be profitable."

2014 - Inside Film Magazine

New documentary asks: What’s wrong with Australian films?

"This documentary will change the way you see Australian films."

2012 - Menzies House

Is Australian Filmmaking being killed with kindness?

"So there is no question that Australia can produce world-class commercial films. We have both the talent and the money. What we lack is the independence."